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Election Systems and Software (ES&S) DS200

The ES&S DS200 is a precinct-based, voter-activated paper ballot counter and vote tabulator.  The DS200 possesses a 12” LCD touch screen, which is used to provide voters with feedback, such as an overvote, mis-marked or blank ballot warning. When the polls close, the ES&S DS200 prints out a results tape so election officials can have a paper tally. The DS200 can capture digitized images of ballots scanned. This allows write-in votes to be processed using the digitized images, so that once the ballots are scanned, they need not be handled except in the event of a recount or audit.

The DS200 is a jurisdiction-wide election tabulation system. The DS200 scanners process single or dual-sided paper ballots for Election Day precincts and Early Voting, automatically prints a Zero Report when the polls open, and can be configured to automatically print one or more results reports.  It has a public counter that displays the number of ballots cast and stores paper ballots in attached ballot storage bins (key locked and sealed ballot boxes). The DS200 does not store any ballot data; all ballot data, election totals and optional ballot images are stored on an external USB flash drive which is transported to a central count location where the vote totals are downloaded to a dedicated stand-alone computer running ElectionWare software which is in no way connected to the Internet. The DS200 prevents access to the USB election flash drive via a key locked compartment. The DS200 operates on standard or two hour back-up battery power.

ES&S DS200 Use in 2020: Statewide in Maryland, 54 counties in Alabama, 2 counties in Arizona, 5 counties in Arkansas, 38 counties in Florida, 10 counties in Idaho, 6 jurisdictions in Illinois, 1 county in Indiana, 1 county in Iowa, 1 county in Kansas, a town in all Maine counties, 5 counties in Massachusetts, 3 counties in Minnesota, 1 county in Mississippi, 1 county in Missouri, 5 counties in Montana, 5 New York counties and all five New York City boroughs, 3 counties in North Carolina, 9 counties in Ohio, 2 counties in Tennessee, 23 localities in Virginia, 2 counties in West Virginia, and 9 counties in Wisconsin.