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Have a Question about Poll Workers - Want to Know Who to Contact?

image of Bald Eagle and U.S Flag       Kelly Freitas can be reached at 941-833-5404 or at [email protected]soecharlottecountyfl.gov.

image of Bald Eagle and U.S Flag       Marian Scaffidi can be reached at 941-833-5494 or at [email protected].

image of Bald Eagle and U.S Flag       Anna Gogadze can be reached at 941-833-5403 or at A[email protected].

Kelly, Marian and/or Anna, can and will be happy to assist with any issues, concerns, comments or questions. 
they are here, ready, willing and able to address your needs. 
We rely on our dedicated “Gatekeepers of Democracy” to work on the frontlines at the polling locations and represent the office in the professional manner to which we have all become accustomed. Our core mission is to provide accurate and error-free elections!  We need you to be able to fulfill this mission.